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SNL Pens a New York City Love Letter to That One Lady You Always See in the Park

Whether it’s rollerblading, singing scales, or running lines for your Law & Order: SVU callback, eventually you get so used to being surrounded by thousands of other people, you lose the ability to care that your fellow citizens can see what you’re doing. According to Saturday Night Live’s faux PSA, that state of complete benign ambivalence is as authentically New York as the Met or Central Park. Speaking of Central Park, who better to embody the enduring spirit of the city than Kate McKinnon as that lady who is always just doing her own thing in public?

Is she dancing to the beat of her own drum? Sure, if that drum repeatedly commanded the listener to share an ice-cream cone with their dog. Either way, that one lady is still going strong, no matter what 2020 has thrown at her. So be like that one lady, who is not NOT a professor at Columbia, and enjoy New York as it was and continues to be: filled to the brim with some of the best, weirdest people in the world.

SNL Pens NY Love Letter to That One Lady You See in the Park