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Stacey Abrams Says Good-bye to the ‘Orange Menace of Putrescence’ in the White House on Colbert

Stacey Abrams, the former gubernatorial candidate whom many have lauded for her work organizing and getting voters registered in Georgia, helping land Joe Biden what seems to be (at least as of today, and despite the GOP’s attempts to undermine the election) the state’s electoral votes, stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Monday night to heave a sigh of relief, and to celebrate being able to wake up in something other than the throes of anxiety.

“This was the first time I’ve woken up in a November without curling into the fetal position first,” she tells Colbert about Wednesday of last week. “The numbers got bigger and bigger, and we got happier and happier.” And as for all those think pieces ruminating on the specifics of this year’s vote, Abrams wants to point out last week’s most important takeaway: “Yeah, we really won.”

“There’s an orange menace of putrescence who will no longer be able to occupy the White House. That’s a big deal,” she says. “There is an incoming president who has moral leadership and character, and who actually believes in science and facts. We have seen the change of the face of leadership by adding Kamala Harris, so women can see themselves, women writ large and women of color in particular, can see themselves in the highest positions in the land. Oh, and did I mention, Trump is leaving? That’s a big win.”

Not that she’s going to spend a lot more time on celebrating. “I had about 17 minutes on Saturday afternoon, and I’m good,” joked Abrams. “We got to win two Senate races.”

Stacey Abrams Says Goodbye to the ‘Orange Menace’ on Colbert