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Steve Kornacki Recalls Accidentally Outlining a Penis on His Touchscreen in 2016 on The Tonight Show

Twenty-four hours later and MSNBC’s election guru/Energizer bunny is still going strong. Steve Kornacki, the cutest thing about Election 2020, dropped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday to give an election update and a peak behind the curtain of the one-man show he’s been running on MSNBC’s touchscreen for almost 24 uninterrupted hours. While most mortals become irritable whenever they get less than the doctor-recommended eight hours of sleep, Kornacki, who has had approximately one break since Election Night coverage began, was all smiles when chatting with Jimmy Fallon, happily telling Fallon that “the election lives on a day later.” Given that The Tonight Show films in the late afternoon, Kornacki’s update outlining both candidate’s path to victory was technically from the recent past, but it was appreciated nonetheless.

As for his physical wellbeing, Kornacki told Fallon that while his arms are fine, the gig is tough on the legs. “It’s my legs, ’cause I stand,” said Kornacki. “Eighteen hours. All night.” Can you imagine? Before letting Kornacki get back to his own network, Fallon reminisced about perhaps the only enjoyable moment of the 2016 election, when Kornacki’s touchscreen drawing accidentally and innocently became more phallic in nature. “I gotta tell you Jimmy, I got in trouble on your show because of that telestrator a few years ago because I was drawing on the map and you seemed to think it looked like a part of the reproductive anatomy,” Kornacki said demurely. A part of the reproductive anatomy? What a class act. In his defense, Kornacki was so laser-focused on the task at hand that he didn’t even realize he basically drew a penis on national television. “I didn’t know I was making people laugh,” he said. Sigh, we truly don’t deserve him.

Steve Kornacki Recalls Touchscreen Gaffe on The Tonight Show