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Tayshia Adams Blames CVS for Her Delayed Bachelorette Arrival

We’re making a federal case for the Adams administration. With Clare Crawley gone from The Bachelorette with a fiancé and questionable origin story, Tayshia Adams swooped in with her Disney-princess eyes and said, quite literally, that the show must go on. Making her first public appearance as the Bachelorette on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Adams revealed that producers wanted her to enter the show’s quarantine bubble as soon as Crawley started to cause creative trouble in the third episode. However, she had to get her bearings in order at the land of long receipts. “If it was up to them, within an hour or two,” Adams explained about her arrival. “But I was like, No, I haven’t put on makeup in literally three months. I need to go to CVS. I’m going to be kissing boys; I need a toothbrush and mouthwash. There were some things I needed to go get, so I left within 48 hours or so.”

Adams also confirmed that the show made the leading-lady offer while she was quarantining at home in California, although it didn’t elaborate on what was unprecedentedly transpiring with Crawley and Dale Moss. “As soon as I got the phone call, I said I had to do three things,” Adams said. “No. 1, I have to go run a mile because I just ate two doughnuts. No. 2, I had to scream into a pillow because what the hell just happened. And No. 3, I have to call my mom. And that’s exactly what I did.” At least her mother, unlike the entire internet, was able to keep a secret for a few months.

Tayshia Adams Blames CVS for Her Bachelorette Arrival Delay