The Flash Filming Stops on a Dime After Production Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

Photo: The CW

The Flash is currently scheduled to premiere in February, but it seems filming had to tap the brakes when a member of the CW superhero show’s production recently tested positive for COVID-19. According to Deadline, an asymptomatic case of coronavirus was detected among the cast and crew shooting in Vancouver, using testing protocols put in place by Warner Bros. Production was subsequently suspended for the time being and “contact tracing has been initiated.”

As for when The Flash will potentially resume shooting, Deadline says the show is considering “adjustments to the production schedule in order to resume filming without the affected employee and potential close contacts, who are self-isolating.” In a grim practical reminder of the coronavirus’s ongoing toll, production on The Flash, one of several shows shooting in Vancouver, was also initially delayed due to “a backlog at a local lab processing COVID tests.”

The Flash Halts Production After Positive COVID-19 Test