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The Princess Switch 2 Trailer: 3 Vanessas Hudgens and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

On the 19th day of November, Netflix will give to thee three Vanessas Hudgens and a cheesy holiday movie. The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, the sequel to 2018’s The Princess Switch, is out later this month, but since you’ve been so good this year, observing social distancing and whatnot, you can watch the trailer right now as a treat. Far, far, away in the fictional kingdoms of Belgravia and Montenaro (in a world where Chicago is all Cubs hats and ineligible bachelors), new Princess Stacy has to help Duchess Margaret attend to royal duties while she tries to fix her relationship with Stacy’s BFF Kevin. Netflix is assuming we’re all scholars on The Princess Switch, but like The Godfather and Shrek, you are gonna wanna see the first one before embarking on this journey. The stakes are upped when a random royal comes lusting after Margaret and her “outrageous party-girl cousin” Fiona, a third, blonde look-alike, who arrives with her own plans. This holiday season, Vanessa Hudgens’s accent work is the true gift that keeps on giving.

The Princess Switch 2 Trailer: Three Vanessas Hudgens Star