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Joy Behar Has an Odd But Correct Take on People’s Sexiest Man Alive

You ever just find yourself saying stuff? The View’s Joy Behar had a lot to say about People magazine’s announcement of 2020’s Sexiest Man Alive but very little of it had to do with the man in question, Michael B. Jordan. Instead, her tangent had a tangent and neither of them made points. “I don’t like People magazine and I’ll tell you why,” she left us no choice. “Years ago, they were the first magazine to print everybody’s age. They went to the DMV to get my age. It was like ‘Lassie, 12.’ They didn’t care if you were a person or not a person, they were gonna print your damn age in there. So, I’m annoyed with that.” Okay, uh-huh, sure, we’re following. “The other thing about this is the ‘Sexiest Man Alive,” she takes a left turn. “I mean, really, what are we talking about? The United States? We’re talking about a Western culture. For all I know, in Japan, a sumo wrestler at 400 pounds is the sexiest man alive. Having said that, I think Michael [B.] Jordan is very hot and adorable.” While she’s so close to hitting a distinction about global beauty standards, the world seems to agree with People magazine’s choice. Even she can’t deny his dimples.

Joy Behar Has an Odd But Correct Take on Sexiest Man Alive