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Courteney Cox Gives Gift Of Recreating Her Iconic Friends Turkey Dance on Instagram

Photo: Getty Images

For many Americans, this Thanksgiving was lacking in the friend department due to the virus (you know the one). Luckily for us our forever friend Monica Geller aka Courteney Cox took to Instagram on Thanksgiving and sent a message to all her followers that ended with a bit of a throwback to what Vulture recently dubbed as the best Friends Thanksgiving episode of all time. “Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you’re having a great day. I’m feeling so thankful,” Cox says in a tight closeup Instagram video, before switching gears. “And also - if I get one more goddamn GIF of that turkey on my head dancing like a fucking fool - I’m just gonna snap.” she says, leaning into the camera with a menacing aura before cutting to the infamous GIF from Friends where Monica dances with a full turkey on her head. “So anyway, since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go. Hope it makes you happy,” Cox says, before recreating the iconic footage in her kitchen, with what appears to be an honest to god turkey. You gotta love that 20 some odd years later, Cox is still willing to put a whole turkey on her head (an incredible achievement to be sure) and shimmy with the best of them, just to put a smile on our faces. We can’t wait to see what Cox says about this at the Friends HBO Max reunion that’s definitely going to happen in March.

Courteney Cox Recreates Her Iconic Friends Turkey Head Dance