Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden Conjures Ghosts of Elections Past in SNL’s Cold Open

Jim Carrey returned as Joe Biden for the last Saturday Night Live cold open before next week’s election, and spun a spooky yarn, conjuring ghosts of elections past in the form of Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton and Mikey Day’s Nate Silver. “Even if you do win on Tuesday the election could still be stolen for you,” McKinnon’s Clinton warned Carrey’s Biden. Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd also made appearances as Ice Cube and Lil Wayne, as well as Beck Bennett as Mitch McConnell, who addressed the troubling discoloration in McConnell’s hands as of late: “Oh, this is just a very common condition called ‘old man purple.’ Basically my blood hates me so much, it’s trying to get away from my body. Either that, or I’m too far away from my Horcrux.” Carrey-as-Biden signed off the cold open with a call-to-action, “This daylight savings hour, let’s gain an hour and lose a president.”

Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden Tells a Scary Story in SNL Cold Open