John Mulaney’s Favorite Quarantine TV Show Was Andrew Cuomo’s Press Briefings

We here at Vulture have already made the case, repeatedly and with verve, that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s quarantine press briefings were Must See TV, so it was more than a little gratifying to hear on Saturday Night Live that John Mulaney felt similarly about Cuomo’s trenchant daily updates. “A lot of people were binge-watching shows during quarantine. I watched a series that I absolutely loved,” Mulaney explained in last night’s opening monologue. “It was an hour-long dramedy called the daily press conferences of Governor Andrew Cuomo.” Mulaney summed up the briefings in one perfect logline: “The story of an Italian-American father who, after being an empty nester, finds himself quarantining with his two daughters — hijinks ensue — but he learns a lot about being a father, and a little bit about being a governor.” Mulaney also covered next week’s presidential election (“On November 3, there is an elderly man contest,”) and offered a few tips on voting (“Fill out every circle”).

John Mulaney Takes On Cuomo, the Election in SNL Monologue