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John Mulaney May or May Not Care Very Much About the Royal Family

Newly minted Late Night With Seth Meyers writer John Mulaney appeared on the show last night for a chat about the royal family, as a guest on a supposedly recurring segment called “Royal Watch.” Meyers is perplexed: “I’m not mad, I’m just curious. Why did you write it this way? Making it seem like a recurring segment? Was it to justify you wanting to talk about the royals or an ego thing?” Mulaney answers that it’s “probably both.” Following a digression about the time Meyers met Prince William and Kate Middleton (“very pleasant,”) Mulaney digs into Megxit. “You know it’s weird that Meghan and Harry left, right?” he asks, before directly addressing Meghan Markle. “You thought rolling with those dorks in church clothes was gonna be fun? Had you been told it was nonstop laughs? ‘Cause you’re thinking of The Munsters, you silly goose.” The segment ends with the stunning realization that Mulaney does “somehow kind of want the monarchy to survive,” and perhaps that is why he likes The Crown. “And so in that light, I can see why Harry and Meghan left. So I guess it’s not weird,” he says, before Meyers suggests that maybe this all could have been talked out over a phone call.

John Mulaney May or May Not Care About the Royal Family