it's christmas!

Mariah Carey Says It’s Time for Christmas in Teaser Trailer for the Concept of Christmas

It’s Post-Hallow’s-Eve Morn, a.k.a., November 1, a.k.a., Election Eve’s Eve. In Mariah Carey’s household, that means only one thing: It’s time for Christmas. After other celebs posted their at-home Halloween looks, and Queen of Halloween Heidi Klum went so far as to produce a short horror film, Carey posted a video to Twitter that buries Halloween season dead in a spooky-ooky grave for another year. The video begins with a creepy ghoulie opening a cobweb-ridden door with the ominous message “NOT YET” and some bloody handprints on it. But hark! What are those familiar tinkling chimes we hear? Why, it’s Mariah Carey in a magical Christmas room with a Christmas tree! The snow is falling, she’s wearing a seasonal onesie, and she’s simply having a wonderful Christmastime with one of her many dogs. Carey says “It’s time!” and jingles her bells as “All I Want for Christmas Is You” begins to play. Strangely, the caption says “IT’S TIME! (But let’s get through Thanksgiving first).” Which one is it, Mariah? Christmastime? Or are we holding off until Thanksgiving? Either way, we’ll all be celebrating the holidays this year like Carey in her video: social distancing and alone, waiting for a black-robed manifestation of Death to come for us. Merry Christmas!

It Is Christmastime Because Mariah Carey Decrees It