SNL’s Rudy Giuliani Talks Four Seasons Total Landscaping on Weekend Update

On Saturday November 7, after Joe Biden won the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the Trump team responded in the most Trumpian way ever: by booking Rudy Giuliani to give a conference at a landscaping store next to an adult bookstore and across from a crematorium, called “Four Seasons,” instead of booking an actual Four Seasons, and then claiming on Twitter that they meant to do that, actually, all after Trump tweeted about the wrong Four Seasons. This blunder was so funny on its own that it was a Saturday Night Live comedy freebie, and boy do they grab the ball and run with it. Kate McKinnon stopped by the Weekend Update desk in her best Rudy Giuliani bald cap to harass Colin, and when Jost asks if holding a press conference at a landscaping company called “Four Seasons” was a mistake, he answers, “What? No! Anyway, glad I made it to the show on time, because first I went to 30 Rocks. That’s a granite quarry in New Rochelle.” Zing! McKinnon’s Giuliani also lays out all the ways he’s going to combat “ballot fraud” to prove that Trump was the real victor of the election. The methods include eating the ballots to see if they’re actually tortillas, declaring “Opposite Day” in Georgia, and best of all, “We’re gonna demand I do the recount personally, and our silver bullet is I can’t count very high.” Giuliani. What a sharp legal mind.

SNL’s Rudy Giuliani Talks Four Seasons on Weekend Update