Trump Flees the White House in This Saturday Night Live Sketch

Dave Chappelle only appeared in a couple of sketches on last night’s post-election Saturday Night Live, and one of them was this quick little “D.C. Morning” news-desk sketch. Chappelle plays an anchor reporting that “once Trump’s term ends, he’s suddenly a private citizen with no immunity, and he will have to deal with a tax-fraud investigation from the Southern District of New York as well as a defamation lawsuit from a woman who claims he assaulted her.” As soon as he reports those reasons why Trump may not want to leave the White House so easily, they cut to a “breaking news” car chase, which is just the famous footage of O.J. Simpson’s white Ford Bronco with audio of Donald Trump Jr., the getaway driver, calling the police and threatening a 2024 Trump reelection campaign. The most notable thing about it is gee, they sure have Ego Nwodim playing a lot of news anchors and girlfriends over at SNL, huh? Always the straight man, never the weirdo. Have they heard her Comedy Bang! Bang! appearances? Let! Ego! Do! More! Silly! Roles!

Trump Flees White House in This Saturday Night Live Sketch