Netflix’s New Docuseries Features One Dangerous Wheel of Cheese

As a majority of the American population just learned over the weekend, it feels pretty good to win. But a hugely important presidential election with undeniably high stakes is one thing; what about people who compete in yo-yo competitions? What about hair stylists who want to earn a big prize for the most impressive “fantasy” hair? What about frog jockeys, dog dancers, hot-chili eaters, and people who race down a dangerously steep hill after a wheel of cheese, which are all actual, real things connected to very specific communities, traditions, and heated competitions?

That’s what Netflix’s new six-part docuseries, We Are the Champions, delves into, and you can get a taste of it with today’s new trailer, which features an instant-classic line/warning from an organizer of the annual Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake in Brockworth, Gloucestershire: “If the cheese does come over here, protect those kids.” If that line doesn’t sell you on this show, maybe the shot of the beautiful dancing dog wearing a fancy necklace will. In any case, We Are the Champions makes its Netflix premiere next Tuesday, November 17.

Netflix’s New Docuseries Features a Dangerous Wheel of Cheese