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Watch Jamie Dornan and Jon Hamm Bicker In This Wild Mountain Thyme Clip

Has no one in Wild Mountain Thyme seen Leap Year? Headstrong farmer Rosemary Muldoon (Emily Blunt) has it bad for her neighbor, Anthony Reilly (Jamie Dornan), but a family curse leaves him painfully oblivious and too awkward to propose. But since this Irish rom-com is less Leap Year and more Moonstruck (as it’s written and directed by John Patrick Shanley, based on his play Outside Mullingar), Anthony’s charming American cousin Adam (Jon Hamm) might just swoop in on one knee. Anthony’s dad, Tony (Christopher Walken), already wants to give his nephew his farm instead of his son. In this exclusive clip from Wild Mountain Thyme, Jon Hamm and Jamie Dornan’s chiseled chins go back and forth about what it truly means to be a farmer. “You don’t want to be a farmer,” Jamie Dornan says, pushing back the tails of his coat. “You want to own a farm.” Agricultural industry burn! “Maybe you’ve been a farmer too long,” the city slicker hits back, chuckling about a rumor he heard. “Something about you and a donkey,” Adam adds smugly. Funny enough, Anthony doesn’t deny it, but even Christian Grey wouldn’t go that far. Gaze at the view (oh, and behind Hamm and Dornan, there’s the lush Irish countryside) in the above clip. Wild Mountain Thyme is in theaters and on demand December 11.

Wild Mountain Thyme Clip: Jamie Dornan and Jon Hamm Bicker