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Allison Janney and Her Flaming Hot Back Muscles Crash This Celebrity IOU Episode

Celebrity IOU, a spinoff series from the Property Brothers that actually lives up to its name with guest stars, delivered something truly spectacular on this week’s episode: Allison Janney, looking like a human version of Jessica Rabbit, decided to help Jonathan and Drew with a room demolition in a Costume Institute-worthy backless gown and leather gloves. Janney appeared on the show to spruce up the home of her longtime assistant, wielding a sledgehammer with enough sex appeal to make Peter Gabriel jealous. “I’m ready to bust up some shit,” she purred. “I do my best work when I’m dressed to the nines.” But, wait, does Janney have steel-toed boots? You know, for safety reasons? “Of course I do, darling, I’m not a total idiot.”

Flaming Hot Allison Janney Crashes Celebrity IOU Episode