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Cheer Up With Amber Ruffin’s Song About How Much Christmas 2020 Sucks

We’re currently a week away from Christmas Eve, which normally would be an exciting and happy thing, but it’s 2020, so nope. Thanks to the pandemic (which is a phrase we’re really tired of typing at this point), many Americans will be unable to see their loved ones, gather around a Christmas tree, and know what “holiday cheer” is, so during last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers decided it was time to create some festive vibes to combat all this darkness. Enter Amber Ruffin! Despite her warm smile, sparkly dress with big shiny bow, and beautiful singing voice, Ruffin created a Christmas song that does not deny the rage and despair that comes along with this year’s holiday lockdown season, in which we will be forced to be alone and receive, as she put it, nothing but “the worst, worst Christmas of our lives” from Santa. “Whoa whoa whoa, I don’t think this is a good song for you to be singing,” Meyers told Ruffin. “Why not? Did I tell a lie?” she asked. “You did not,” Meyers admitted. “That’s right! This sucks!”

So next week, when you’re away from your family and feeling depressed about how truly terrible this holiday and entire year is, remember Ruffin’s wise and festive lyrics for our new reality: “Put on a smile, try to chase your blues away/ But that won’t stop you from having a crap holiday.” Happy (in denial) holidays!

Amber Ruffin Sings About How Much Christmas 2020 Sucks