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You Can’t Afford the New Apple AirPods Max, But You Can Afford These Memes

Photo: Apple

In a blatant grab for that last bit of holiday sales, or maybe upon noticing that we didn’t already have enough to talk about on the internet these days, Apple has announced a new product, the AirPods Max. Today Apple described its new headphones as “the magic of AirPods in a stunning over-ear design,” and based on the internet’s reaction, these things are “stunning” indeed! At $549, the headphones have some sort of fancy chips that allegedly improve sound — and, just as importantly, come with a custom SmartCase. (All the better to listen to anything but Songs of Innocence with, we say.) The headphones won’t be available until December 15 (you can preorder them now), but in the meantime, Twitter already has some opinions.

Some couldn’t get over the cost.

And some started to consider what else they could buy with that money.

(In case you forgot.)

And speaking of purses, others just went in on the case.

Many could see one thing and one thing only.

In conclusion, they weren’t the only ones laughing.

But we all know who’s getting the last laugh here.

You Can’t Afford the AirPods Max But You Can Get These Memes