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Ariana Grande Comes Through With a Sweetener Tour Movie on Netflix

˙ǝpuɐɹƃ ɐuɐᴉɹɐ Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for AG

Turns out we did have some tears left to cry. Ariana Grande is switchin’ her position from the sultry grooves of her new album, Positions, back to the pop glory of 2018’s sweetener and 2019’s thank u, next. Now Excuse Me, I Love You, a sweetener world-tour concert film, is coming to Netflix on December 21, one year after the emotional close. Grande shared a teaser on her social-media accounts, complete with an upside-down Netflix logo. Ariana Grande’s 80-date sweetener tour began five months after the death of Mac Miller, whom she dated for two years. The tour combined the pre–Pete Davidson sweetener with the post–Pete Davidson thank u, next and included a stint as headliner at Coachella. At her show in Pittsburgh, Miller’s hometown, Grande honored him with a reserved seat and cried while singing “Wish I could say ‘Thank you’ to Malcolm.” Last year, she celebrated the final show of the world tour with the release of her first live album, k bye for now, also called swt live. God has to be a woman. Who else would give us an Ariana Grande concert film right after giving us a Taylor Swift folklore concert? She gets us.

Ariana Grande Treats Us With a Netflix Sweetener Tour Movie