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Why Are Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, and Asian Doll Fighting?

Asian Doll and Megan Thee Stallion. Photo-Illustration: Vulture and Getty Images

The song “Do It on the Tip,” one of the tracks off Megan Thee Stallion’s debut album, Good News, is already a stacked collaboration between Megan and the duo City Girls. But rapper Asian Doll revealed on December 19 that she was originally set to be featured on the song too. “I was supposed to do that song. I don’t know what happened,” she said on Instagram Live. “I think I had did this before anybody had done the song,” she added, before playing the verse she herself recorded on the beat. Afterward, she said, “Yeah, I don’t know why — I don’t know what the fuck Megan was thinking.” Doll revealing the verse set off a weekend of social-media sparring with JT and Yung Miami of City Girls that eventually involved the producer of the track, Megan, and a few other rappers for good measure.

After Asian Doll’s original post, JT jumped in. “Sympathetic ass hoes are really starting to grind my gears! FR!” she tweeted, according to screenshots. (JT has since deleted the tweets and has taken down her Twitter account.) In another tweet, she added, “Like if you know it’s gone draw attention and cause commotion … why speak on it? Mind you lying! But GO OFF!” Asian Doll replied, in an also deleted tweet, that JT “wasn’t talking to me,” adding, “what I said was between me & Megan!” JT continued tweeting at Asian Doll, and her groupmate, Yung Miami, eventually joined as well. “Bitches been salty since Act Up!” Yung Miami tweeted, and also deleted, according to screenshots. She quoted a JT tweet alleging Asian Doll had “been getting took off songs for the longest [time].”

As the back-and-forth continued, Asian Doll brought in JT’s rumored boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert, tweeting, “YOU ALMOST 30 CHASING UZI AROUND BITCH GO TO HELL.” Yung Miami later defended JT: “Only thing a bitch can ever throw at JT is Uzi!!!!” she tweeted. “She ain’t gotta chase shit!”

The producer for the track, Lil Ju Made Da Beat, also chimed in at one point, tweeting (and also deleting), “I made that beat for Megan. Megan sent that beat to her anticipating a remix. I don’t even have contact with Asian Doll to send her beats.” Megan Thee Stallion also eventually tweeted about the drama. “I hate that all of this is getting so blown out of proportion,” she wrote in another deleted tweet. “It was never as deep as the comments made it seem.” Asian Doll replied that Megan should have tried to dispel the drama earlier. “We was real friends fuck rap you should’ve said some yesterday & cleared shit up but NO you let that hoe get in your ear & and you don’t even kno that hoe,” she tweeted, according to screenshots. Megan then replied, “You kno I don’t even like all this internet shit. You blow shit out of proportion bc you a fucking hot head. You played the song on live that was that … what do I need to clear up?” Asian Doll went on to criticize Megan for commenting heart eyes on one of JT’s Instagram Lives about the issue.

As the arguments between Asian Doll, JT, and Yung Miami continued, rapper RollingRay also joined after Yung Miami used his catchphrase, “purr.” He brought in his own beef with rapper Saucy Santana, a friend of Yung Miami’s, tweeting, “I got Santana big body ass, You got JT, & we can just call CPS on caresha [Yung Miami] for the day she ain’t going nowhere.” His side argument with Miami then escalated, with him bringing up her son’s father, who was killed in a shooting earlier this year. “Tonight was the night & you took it to [sic] far!” Yung Miami replied on Twitter. In a second tweet, she added, “Idgaf you got imaginary beef with yourself but to bring my baby daddy into this bitch your [sic] crazy AF.”

Asian Doll, meanwhile, may finally be trying to end her side of the beef. “All this started cause I was tweeting how PRETTY I am!!!” she tweeted on December 20.

Why Are Meg Thee Stallion, City Girls & Asian Doll Fighting?