Astronomy Club’s Shawtane Bowen and Jerah Milligan to Solve Mysteries on HBO Max

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix

So maybe The Undoing didn’t, uh, do it for you as far as mysteries go. Well, take heart, because HBO Max is bringing you a whole series of crimes to solve alongside Astronomy Club members Shawtane Bowen and Jerah Milligan. Deadline reports that the still untitled series will be about a group of “self-described sleuths” creating Harlem’s first, last, and only all-Black detective agency. Bowen and Milligan’s previous work with their sketch team Astronomy Club did things like explore the race and class dynamics at work within the Robin Hood myth, and this new show is being produced by Cowboy Bear Ninja Productions, which brought us The Problem With Apu. It’s pretty hard to imagine a more perfect team for a series about a group of people who are decidedly not the police fighting petty crime in one of New York City’s most glaringly gentrifying neighborhoods. “We’re in a time where Black people, in particular, are getting a chance to venture out and not just do the same thing that we’ve been forced to do like playing a thug or a drug dealer,” Milligan told Deadline. “So with [this show] we’ve got the opportunity to create a heightened world like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Reno 911.” It sounds fun, but for now there is really only one mystery I want some self-described sleuths to help me solve: Why did Netflix cancel Astronomy Club?

Astronomy Club Members to Solve Mysteries on HBO Max