Ellen Is Feeling Good Enough to Play Connect Four After COVID Diagnosis

Photo: Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter

It’s been seven days since Ellen DeGeneres announced she’d tested positive for COVID-19, and now, in an update, she says she feels “100 percent” and “really good.” In fact, she feels good enough to play Connect Four with wife-turned-cameraperson Portia de Rossi, because that’s what she does at the end of her update video, posted to Twitter. “Anyway, we’re playing Connect Four,” DeGeneres said, with zero context, after explaining the “excruciating” back pain she had with COVID. DeGeneres and de Rossi play a stressful, rapid-fire game, and in a matter of seconds, DeGeneres has won — by placing four in a horizontal row, one after another, without any effort from her wife to block. Let’s just hope de Rossi isn’t getting too close, or at least feels good enough herself for that Better Off Ted reunion.

Ellen Feels ’100%’ After COVID Diagnosis, Plays Connect Four