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Hayley Williams Performs With Solo Band for the First Time for NPR Tiny Desk

Like many musicians, Hayley Williams had big plans for 2020, including touring without her band Paramore for the first time ever. She still released her solo debut Petals for Armor, but hasn’t gotten to show it off live, much less with a full band — until her Tiny Desk show, out today. The singer-songwriter played her solo music with a band for the first time, including “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris” collaborator Julien Baker on guitar and fellow singer-songwriter Becca Mancari on synths. Over ten lively and groovy minutes, Williams performed Petals for Armor cuts “Pure Love,” “Taken,” and “Dead Horse.” “I’ve never done this without Paramore, but I’m here with another group of my friends today,” she said after “Pure Love.” Just keep this video on repeat until that Williams tour finally happens.

Hayley Williams Performs With Solo Band for NPR Tiny Desk