Disgraced Pastor Carl Lentz Is Going Through It, Seeking Treatment for ‘Pastoral Burnout’

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Are you there, therapy? It’s me, Carl Lentz. The former Hillsong pastor is reportedly seeking treatment following his termination from the celebrity-loved megachurch for his “moral failures” according to “Page Six.” Lentz is reportedly getting help at an outpatient facility that specializes in depression, anxiety, and “pastoral burnout.” He and his wife, Laura Lentz, are also reportedly in couples’ therapy, which makes sense given the New York Times report airing out their marital issues last week. In an article published December 5, the New York Times uncovered a recording of a private video conference with staff at Hillsong informing them that the church discovered “more than one” of Lentz’s affairs. Per the Times, on October 22, a staff member found intimate text messages between Lentz and Ranin Karim, a Brooklyn-based jewelry designer, on Lentz’s work computer. (Karim confirmed to the Times that she and Lentz had been in a relationship since May.) A week and a half later, Lentz was fired. Brian Houston, the founder of Hillsong, added in the same conference that Lentz’s dismissal was also due to “general narcissistic behavior, manipulating, mistreating people,” as well as “breaches of trust connected to lying, and constantly lying.” In a statement to the Times, Houston said a number of issues throughout the years led to Lentz’s dismissal, including the time when Lentz was photographed doing shots with Justin Bieber.

Following his termination, the Lentzs sold their home in Montclair, New Jersey, per the Times, and have moved into a luxurious Los Angeles rental, thanks to none other than Tyler Perry. The U.K.’s Sun is reporting that Tyler Perry covered six months of rent, nearly $100,000, for the Lentz’s new five-bedroom mansion in Manhattan Beach. Lentz has reportedly been “leaning” on Perry for support, both financial and emotional. “Tyler has been friends with Carl and his wife, Laura, for years and is sticking by them and their kids during this difficult time,” a source said. Other A-list church buddies include Chris Pratt and several Kardashians. The couple are certainly gonna get by with a little help from their celebrity friends.

Carl Lentz Reportedly Seeking Treatment for Pastoral Burnout