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Iggy Azalea Tweets That Playboi Carti Skipped Son’s First Christmas for Album Drop

Iggy Azalea. Photo: GC Images

Last night, while we were all snug in our sleep-beds dreaming of sugared plums, Santa pulled a new Playboi Carti album out of his Santa bag. The December 25 drop of Whole Lotta Red prompted a tweetstorm from Carti’s ex-girlfriend Iggy Azalea, in which she revealed that the rapper canceled plans to spend Christmas with their infant son, Onyx Carter. Hours before the album release, Azalea tweeted, “I would never decide to do something of my own free will that meant missing a milestone moment with my son & if you do you’re trash.” Fifteen minutes after the album release, she followed with, “Too bad you got an album out but can’t even come to Christmas with your own son,” and reveals that Carti cheated on her while they were still together, during her pregnancy.

Azalea claims that Carti canceled plans to spend Christmas with her and their son less than two days prior, and that instead, he partied for his album release with “the girl you cheated on my [sic] my entire pregnancy.” Azalea also writes that Onyx was “a child he asked for.” The couple broke up in October.

We’re happy to report that Iggy looks like she’s feeling better this morning, though. She posted photos of baby Onyx celebrating Christmas to Instagram, with the caption, “The only person who can make me smile with teeth daily. Merry Christmas to everyone! 🎄✨”

Iggy Azalea Mad Playboi Carti Skipped Son’s First Christmas