The Eyes of the Ranger Are Upon Jared Padalecki in the CW’s Walker Trailer

The only thing most people know about Walker, Texas Ranger is that he’s a deeply moral man who loved kicking people in the sternum, so why does the new trailer for the CW’s reboot of the Western procedural feature someone saying directly to Walker’s face, “You the ranger with the dead wife?” Uh, hope you enjoyed having an intact rib cage, stranger!

However, unlike Chuck Norris’s original iteration of the stone-faced lawman, who graced the long-running action-crime show for eight seasons in the mid-’90s, Jared Padalecki doesn’t turn to violence, though we’re guessing his pursuit of justice in the death of said wife might lead to few traumatized torsos. “It’s been a long road to get here, but it has my entire heart,” the Supernatural star tweeted, along with the trailer, on Monday.

The brand-new Walker premieres on the CW Thursday, January 21.

Eyes of the Ranger Are Upon Jared Padalecki’s Walker Trailer