Jason Bateman Reveals His Secret Identity in SNL Promo With Morgan Wallen

Right when the world needs him most, Jason Bateman is putting on a mask and coming to our rescue on Saturday Night Live this week, just like his namesake caped crusader. Bateman leaned into the mispronunciation of his name in a new promo with musical guest Morgan Wallen and cast member Heidi Gardner. “Wait, Batman?” Gardner shrieks. “You’re Jason Batman?” The truth was right in front of us the whole time. “Aw, get out of here and save the city or something,” Wallen adds. The city could use all the help it can get, but in another clip, Mr. Batman does seem a little distracted by his hosting gig. “This is the only Christmas gift I need,” he tells Gardner when she asks. “Oh, so I guess you don’t care about world peace?” she counters. Baited. “Well, if you hadn’t interrupted us …” he does a 180. “World peace is great, no more hunger, no more COVID would be great.” You’d think that one would be on the top of Morgan Wallen’s list. The country musician lost his first opportunity to appear on Saturday Night Live in October alongside Bill Burr after partying without a mask and kissing multiple people the week before his show. Watch Wallen, Bateman, and the rest of the SNL gang actually obey COVID-19 safety protocols on tomorrow night’s episode.

Jason Bateman’s Secret Identity Is Revealed in SNL Promo