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Bess Kalb Is Sorry for Setting That Lady on Fire That One Time

This is it, the last week of this cursed year, and as a special treat for ourselves, we had Jeff Loveness and Bess Kalb get together on our Instagram for 2020’s final episode of Two Friends: A Nice Time Hanging Out With People Who Know Each Other Well  to chat about life, Kalb’s year-end Amazon comedy special Yearly Departed, and, of course, Ant-Man 3. But first, the two comedy writers decided to finally apologize for the infamous 2014 video the two created when they worked on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where a woman trying to twerk catches on fire and falls through a coffee table. “We fooled the net,” Loveness offered, after showing off the Webby Award the two received for the staged viral video. “We shouldn’t have fooled so many people,” Kalb said. “But I will be buried with that award.”

Loveness also offered us some updates on the Ant-Man 3 script he’s currently working on. “This is not a joke, the first draft I turned in was 168 pages,” he said. But if you just came off a WW84 high and don’t know how much more you can give to the various cinematic universes, Loveness had some words of comfort. “We’re all tired of superhero movies, we can say the honest truth,” he said. “Marvel — to their credit, I think — see that people know how these movies work. They’ve seen 15 of ‘em. And with the coronavirus break, I think they wanna do something new and weird, and I dunno, I’m excited!” And now, so are we.

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Bess Kalb Is Sorry for Setting That Lady on Fire That Time