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Love It Or Hate It, Jennifer Aniston Sure Has One Morbid Christmas Ornament

Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images

If you noticed Jennifer Aniston trending briefly on Saturday, it wasn’t just the nation sinking into a nice, relaxing, 36-hour post-Christmas Friends binge. According to USA Today, the Morning Show actress posted a now-expired Instagram Story featuring an engraved wooden ornament that read: “Our First Pandemic 2020.” Once the image made its way across social media, some people wondered whether Jen’s festive commemoration of our truly rank year was a relatable, darkly funny momento or insensitive, considering the more than 19 million people who have so far contracted COVID-19 in the United States during the pandemic, or the over 333,000 that have died from it.

One thing’s for sure, though: that thing is macabre. Our “first” pandemic? That ornament’s not wrong, but it didn’t have to say it. Maybe it would be best to save this decoration for the back of the tree next year, and every other year after that. In case you missed the ornament itself, Twitter user @amaaliio captured it below.

Love It Or Hate It, Jen Aniston Sure Has One Morbid Ornament