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Jenny Slate Is Now a Pregnant Lady Who Likes to Visit Dead Pets

At the top of his interview with Jenny Slate on Late Night last night, Seth Meyers asked the perfect question: “How have your last nine months been?” To most people, that mention of “nine months” would seem to be a clear reference to the amount of months we’ve all been locked inside during the pandemic, but for Slate, it has another meaning: She’s pregnant — and really good at timing a pregnancy. “Well, let me tell ya: On night one of the lockdown, we had a really romantic night of being together, real sweet with my fiancé. And then I did what everyone else did: I kind of hunkered down and baked a lot of bread. But I just want to say: I think I might have baked too much bread or eaten too much bread,” Slate told Meyers before standing up to reveal her very pregnant belly. “Oohhh yeah, that’s a lot of carbs,” Meyers said. “Um, how have the exact last nine months been? They’ve been, um, real pregnant for me!” Slate confirmed. After Meyers pointed out that his wife thinks people like Slate “crushed the timing” with their pregnancies this year, Slate said that it’s nice to have “a little secret treasure” like this during such a depressing time.

So what has Slate been up to during her pregnancy? Turns out she lives with her fiancé, Ben, in his very old and probably haunted house in Massachusetts, where Slate has been passing time by paying frequent visits to a decades-old pet cemetery. “At the start of the pandemic, when I was just newly pregnant, I started to go out and visit the pet cemetery every day, and Ben told me that I started saying things like ‘I’m just gonna go outside and visit the pets!’” Slate said. “That’s how a scary movie starts: a pregnant lady is like ‘My pets! My precious, precious pets!’” It all seems very on-brand for a woman who recently wrote a book called Little Weirds. Congrats to Jenny and all her dead pet friends!

Jenny Slate Is Now a Pregnant Lady Who Visits Dead Pets