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Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump Is Slowly Dying Inside, Just Like a Christmas Tree

Melania Trump still has some tricks up her insensitive sleeves, like how for her fourth and final Christmas in the White House she surprised the nation with non-scary decorations. So The Late Show With Stephen Colbert had Laura Benanti’s Melania back on to wish Colbert “merry hello and very Christmas to you” and explain why she was done “buying spooky decorations from the Halloween store” for Christmas. Believe it or not, these classical Christmas trees represent the “real Melania,” because they’re dragged into the White House, covered in glitz, and slowly dying inside. She also says that that time she was caught on tape complaining about being First Lady and saying “who gives a fuck about Christmas stuff,” she was actually just quoting a Christmas carol of her own creation. Release the full parody album, Laura!

Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump Is Done with Spooky Christmas