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Lucas Hedges Hasn’t Seen Paddington, But He Loves This Tweet Comparing Them

Lucas Hedges, America’s Paddington. Photo: Shutterstock/Shutterstock

Watch what you subtweet celebrities because you never know who’s sending them links. Lucas Hedges, who acts opposite Meryl Streep and Michelle Pfeiffer in new movies Let Them All Talk and French Exit, respectively, doesn’t have a public Twitter, but he does have spies lurking, sending him the funniest ones. In a new interview with HuffPost, the actor pulls out some of his favorite tweets about himself and can’t help but agree. “This girl Natalie Walker tweeted, like, ‘If Paddington Bear was American, it would be Lucas Hedges,’” he paraphrased the comedian. “I’ve never seen that movie, but I thought it was funny.”

Unfortunately, we don’t get an extensive follow-up on the fact that he hasn’t seen Paddington (the sequel to which Hugh Grant correctly calls his greatest work) because Hedges moves on to another favorite tweet, and this one’s a doozy. “My favorite tweet my brother sent me is [from] this guy — he’s like, ‘Lucas Hedges is attractive, and he should have the career that Timothée Chalamet has, and this isn’t a knock against him, but he looks just like the two lead guys in Mr. Meaty,’” he said before explaining what Mr. Meaty is to the poor interviewer. Gen Z–millennial cusps know: Mr. Meaty, a teen sitcom starring two puppets, was from a weird time in Nickelodeon programming (by way of Canada). “The funny thing about it is that was my favorite TV show growing up, and they are the weirdest-looking puppets, but I do look like them,” he admitted. “This show was so inspiring and weird, and I see it as being more in my bag and up my alley than a lot of how I think the culture understands me.” Basically he’s trying to tell us that even though they were both indie darlings, he’s not a Timothée Chalamet porcelain doll, he’s a Lucas Hedges freaky puppet.

Lucas Hedges Hasn’t Seen Paddington, But He Loves That Tweet