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Mario Lopez Is Horny Colonel Sanders in This Lifetime x KFC Original Movie

Have you ever ordered a KFC Famous Bowl, stared at the face on the side of the package, and dreamt about what it would be like to hook up with him? Of course you have, and Lifetime is about to make every person’s most forbidden desire come to life with an original made-for-TV “mini movie” romance called A Recipe for Seduction, about — you guessed it — a Colonel Sanders that fucks. In the trailer, Mario Lopez plays Harland Sanders, the hunky new cook who beautiful heiress Jessica falls in love with, despite her pending engagement to the man her mother chose for her. There’s forbidden love, intrigue, and a secret chicken recipe that just might change the world. If you couldn’t tell, this is definitely, extremely, sponsored content, “presented by Kentucky Fried Chicken.” It’s also the plot of season one of Los Espookys. But it’s Mario Lopez playing a hot Colonel Sanders who fucks so we will be tuning in at noon on December 13 because I guess we’re all horny for chicken now.

Mario Lopez Plays Colonel Sanders in Lifetime’s KFC Movie