Miley Cyrus Keeps Rocking With ‘Doll Parts’ Cover on the Howard Stern Show

Less than a week after releasing her anticipated album Plastic Hearts, the full-length document of her latest rock phase, Miley Cyrus is back on her covers game. Appearing on the Howard Stern Show on December 2, the singer performed Hole’s “Doll Parts,” off the Courtney Love–fronted band’s evocative album Live Through This. And trust us to say, she knocked it out of the park yet again, giving the first choruses a bit more of a delicate melody before just losing it at the end. Consider it the perfect companion to Plastic Hearts — since a plastic heart, after all, is a doll part. Ahead of the cover, Stern remarked that it’s one of his favorite Hole songs, if you cared for his opinion on the matter. Cyrus then told him she first tried it out the day before, in case you doubted this woman’s talent. (She also told him during their interview that she kind of maybe wants to have sex with her “Prisoner” duet partner Dua Lipa, and we’re just going to let that clip speak for itself.)

And speaking of covers, Cyrus is also on one for Rolling Stone’s January 2021 issue, speaking about her career and the new album. For a bit of news you can use, the story mentions her working on a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” for an upcoming compilation, probably that rumored Metallica covers album? She gave the magazine an update on her sobriety, too, saying she’s now continued to stay sober after falling back into drinking a few months ago. She would “possibly” still take mushrooms, she said, and described her one vivid ayahuasca trip: “I saw the snakes right away, and the snakes come and grab you and take you to the Mama Aya, and she walks you through your whole trip, and it was pretty crazy,” she said. Call it Miley being Miley.

Miley Cyrus Keeps Rocking With ‘Doll Parts’ Cover on Howard