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Nicolas F - - - ing Cage to Host Netflix’s History of Swear Words

Nicolas Cage in History of Swear Words. Photo: Adam Rose/Netflix

Nicolas Cage would like to fucking teach you a thing or two about swear words. Netflix announced today that Cage will star in a six-part series titled History of Swear Words, which is described in the press release as “a loud and proudly profane series that explores the origins, pop-culture usage, science and cultural impact of curse words.” Words that will be dissected in each episode include fuck, shit, bitch, dick, pussy, and damn. Alongside Cage, the Funny or Die–produced show will feature segments with comedians and performers including Joel Kim Booster, Patti Harrison, Nikki Glaser, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Sarah Silverman, and Open Mike Eagle, plus experts like Benjamin Bergen (author of What the F), linguist Anne Charity Hudley, and lexicographer Kory Stamper.

History of Swear Words makes its Netflix debut on Tuesday, January 5. In the meantime, the streaming network has released a teaser featuring Cage delivering a passionate monologue about a word he seems to hold very dear: pussy. Check it out below — and, for the record, all of the swear words in this post were originally typed out in their original form to retain their beauty and purity, and we have no control over the oppressive censorship of our copy-editor overlords, who refuse to allow these legitimate words to live and thrive in freedom. Maybe Nicolas Cage can help us move closer toward a better future where that is possible.

Nicolas Cage to Host Netflix’s History of Swear Words