Nicole Kidman Seen Recklessly Giving It Some Zazz in The Prom

Sometime last year, Nicole Kidman was sitting around watching Fosse/Verdon with Keith Urban and thought, “Hey, I could do that!” Or at least, that’s what I assume is the origin story of this sequence from Ryan Murphy’s Netflix adaptation of The Prom. In the movie, Kidman plays Angie Dickinson (based around the persona of the stage version’s Angie Schworer), a permanent understudy in Chicago who heads to Indiana with the movie’s other Broadway stars to help a lesbian teen named Emma (Jo Ellen Pellman) take her girlfriend to the prom. Along the way, Nicole performs this little Fosse number to teach Emma some confidence. She introduces it with an accent somehow unmoored from both America and Australia, just floating in the ocean somewhere, and does some dances moves that may or may not be pretty good, given that it’s impossible to tell due to Ryan Murphy’s commitment to avoiding full-body shots and cutting as many times as possible. Zazz! Like The Undoing, it doesn’t really make sense, but at least Nicole is having fun.

Nicole Kidman Seen Recklessly Giving Zazz in The Prom