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Bid Adieu to 2020 with Ben Affleck and His Armload of Dunkin’ Donuts

Photo: GC Images

Ben Affleck started his New Years Eve the way many of us did: stressed, and with a comical amount of iced coffee. Affleck was pictured this morning outside his home juggling a Dunkin’ Donuts order (which may or may not be his usual), while wearing a “Believe In Boston” shirt (in case you forgot Affleck is from Boston). It appears that Affleck ordered a box of munchkins, which feels important, and no less than three iced coffees (perhaps one for girlfriend Ana de Armas, with whom he moved in earlier this month, according to People.) This is obviously not the first time Affleck has been pictured with Dunkin’ Donuts, and though it’s unclear if the actor is being paid for his loyalty to the brand, we have to respect his commitment to the bit.

Bid Adieu to 2020 with Ben Affleck and His Dunkin’ Donuts