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Drag Race to Ring in the Ru Year With Season 13 on January 1

If we can be confident of one thing going into 2021, it’s that there will be Drag Race, gurl! RuPaul has already tended to her burns from Dolly Parton’s piping-hot tea and is back to doing what she does best: promoting her own shit. RuPaul’s Drag Race announced the cast of season 13 today on Twitter, with help from season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall, on her birthday no less. Now that we’ve had a proper break from Drag Race (doesn’t that All Stars 5 finale seem like years ago?), Ru is ready to return in the new year — on January 1, actually. And because you will have no Prosecco hangover to recover from because you will go to no parties the night before (you won’t, right?), you’ll have no reason not to watch the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 premiere at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

In the meantime, let’s get to know our new queens. The 13 competitors on season 13 come from all over — just kidding, they mostly come from the drag meccas of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. (Shoutout to Symone, the first Drag Race queen from Arkansas!) They have some great drag names, from “Elliott with 2 Ts” to “Tina Burner.” They bring a wide array of talents, from icon of the ice Denali to self-described “wacky, wavy inflatable arm tube queen” Utica Queen. And they have a Rolodex of connections to Drag Race queens’ past, from Kahmora Hall’s drag sisters Jaida Essence and Mercedes Iman Diamond, to Iman Dynasty mother Tamisha Iman, to Jan’s Stephanie’s Child bandmate Rosé, to makeup artist to the season five stars (Alaska and Detox) Gottmik. Speaking of, Gottmik will also be the first out trans man to compete in Drag Race’s 13 seasons, a fact we simply have to stan. Get to know all the queens with VH1’s descriptions below.

Denali (Chicago, IL) | Instagram: @denalifoxx, Twitter: @denalifox
All hail Chicago’s ice queen. With a career as a professional figure skater, much of Denali’s unique drag incorporates ice skating and acrobatic elements. Denali is used to competing, but now at the Olympics of Drag, she is ready to break the ice.

Elliott with 2 Ts (Las Vegas, NV) | Instagram: @therealelliottqueen, Twitter: @theelliottqueen
A dancing queen known for her kicks and splits, this Las Vegas showgirl is here to stand out from the crowd. With her ’80s aesthetic and background as a professional dancer, Elliott is hoping to dance circles around her competition.

Gottmik (Los Angeles, CA) | Instagram/Twitter: @gottmik
Hiiiiee gorg! This celebrity makeup artist is ready to win the competition one face at a time. As a trans man who is changing the shape of drag, Gottmik is ready to show an edgy persona d’arte.

Joey Jay (Phoenix, AZ) | Instagram/Twitter: @joeyjayisgay
Don’t underestimate this dancing powerhouse. This celebrated Jewish princess with unmatched rhinestone skills is ready to cluck and buck all the way to the top.

Kahmora Hall (Chicago, IL) | Instagram/Twitter: @Kahmorahall
Chicago’s premiere Mackie Barbie doll is here to define what it means to be dripping in luxury. As the essence of glitz and glamour, Kahmora knows how to turn looks on the runway and serve in style.

Kandy Muse (New York, NY) | Instagram/Twitter: @TheKandyMuse
This ‘bad and bougie’ Dominican doll from NYC is ready to take her competition by storm. After going viral on social media and winning Brooklyn Drag Queen of the Year, Kandy is a pro at being in the limelight and brings the whole package to the table.

LaLa Ri (Atlanta, GA) | Instagram/Twitter: @MissLaLaRi
LaLa Ri is here to slay. This Atlanta-born entertainer is ready to bring her mixture of sexy, classy, and sassy to the competition — along with her charming and fun personality.

Olivia Lux (New York, NY) | Instagram/Twitter: @TheOliviaLux
Lux be a lady tonight. As the diva with a heart of gold, Olivia can melt a room with her dazzling smile. With her Old Hollywood style and background in musical theater, this piano player is here to shine all the way to the top.

Rosé (New York, NY) | Instagram/Twitter: @omgheyrose
At the intersection of Wit Avenue and Fashion Boulevard, you’ll find New York royalty Rosé. As a member of the girl group Stephanie’s Child alongside season 12’s Jan, Rosé is ready to sing and dance her way to the finish line.

Symone (Los Angeles, CA) | Instagram: @the_symone, Twitter: @the_symonee
The ebony enchantress has arrived! As the first queen hailing from Arkansas, this confident small-town country girl comes to RuPaul’s Drag Race ready to give fashion, face, personality, and heart.

Tamisha Iman (Atlanta, GA) | Instagram: @tamisha_iman, Twitter: @tamishaiman1
Tamisha Iman is one of the most experienced performers in the art form of drag. As a mother figure who formed her own dynasty, Tamisha comes to the competition with impressive sewing skills. She makes all her own one-of-a-kind garments from scratch.

Tina Burner (New York, NY) | Instagram/Twitter: @TheTinaBurner
From being part of a boy band to the RuPaul’s Drag Race stage, Tina Burner is always ready to put on a show. This reigning National Miss Comedy Queen 2019 is a NY legend and is here to burn the house down.

Utica Queen (Minneapolis, MN) | Instagram/Twitter: @QueenUtica
Utica Queen is ready to wiggle her way straight to the crown. Identifying as the wacky, wavy, inflatable-arm-tube queen, Utica is hoping to take the world by storm with her own form of goofy, pop-art drag.

Drag Race to Ring in the Ru Year With Season 13 on January 1