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SNL Wants You to Know What Happens After That Beautiful Christmas Lexus Ad Ends

Lexus is just one of the many companies that, once a year, suggests you go ahead and make a major household purchase for your family without checking with your spouse first. In Saturday Night Live’s parody of the luxury brand’s “December to Remember” ads, Beck Bennett makes it a December to remember by completely misjudging how his wife, played by Heidi Gardner, will react to a new car topped with a gigantic bow in their drive way. “Are you fucking kidding me, Nathan?,” she says, in a nutshell.

Turns out, Nathan would have been wise to consult her about the whole financial aspect of a Christmas surprise, considering his misunderstanding of APR rates, down payments, and the appropriateness of trying to impress your son Timothée Chalamet’s girlfriend. Maybe we should all pass on the Christmas car this year. Instead, give yourself, and your family, the gift of a fully healed cartilage piercing for 2020.

SNL Hopes You Don’t Take Those Christmas Lexus Ads Seriously