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Snoop Dogg Is the Manager of Menswear Heaven in Bad Bunny’s Hoy Cobré Video

Bad Bunny’s incredible 2020 journey has taken him many places, often on the back of a truck, and in his new video for Hoy Cobré, he finally arrives at his destination: a mystical menswear shop in the middle of the desert. Unbelievably, he still can’t smoke inside, despite the fact he went on some kind of fantastical quest to find it. Luckily, the store’s manager is none other than Snoop Dogg, and if anyone can get behind “smoking in Gucci,” it’s him.

“How you gonna act funny with the big Bad Bunny?,” Snoop chastises his outraged employee, before he joins the Puerto Rican rapper and singer in picking out a number of beautiful fits, all of which are going to smell like this great cameo after they hotbox that entire boutique.

Hoy Cobré Video: Snoop Welcomes Bad Bunny to Menswear Heaven