christmas 2020

Mixologist Stanley Tucci Returns to Your Heart and Home With a Christmas Cosmo Recipe

Photo: Neil Mockford/WireImage

After delighting the internet during the early months of the quarantine with his enthusiastic mixology skills, Stanley Tucci is back to make you a festive pomegranate Christmas Cosmo, though the intervening months, and the holidays, seem to have made the actor a little loopy. Seriously, whatever you do, don’t ask Stanley Tucci how many milliliters are in an ounce. ”I’m going to muddle it, just like I’m muddling the whole thing,” the actor murmurs, as he prepares his shaker. “This is sort of muddling, and sort of just smashing.” Still, has anyone ever looked so satisfied after a successful rimming? Don’t answer that, unless you’re Stanley Tucci.

At the end of the video, sister-in-law Emily Blunt and her spouse John Krasinski stop by (or rather, seem to be quarantining with the actor and his wife, Felicity Blunt, in the United Kingdom) to try out the recipe, though Krasinski for some reason looks like he’s been eating a raw jalapeño, when he’s seemingly just eaten pomegranate seeds with a spoon. The whole video is low-key delirious, but as long as the drink is delicious, it doesn’t matter, right? Don’t answer that, please, unless you are Stanley Tucci.

Mixologist Stanley Tucci Made You This Cosmo for Christmas