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Watch Steve Kornacki Bring His Stressful Energy to Sunday Night Football

Photo: NBC Sports/YouTube

Maybe it was just us being a little sport-starved from the beginning of the year, but as Election Week dragged on on television, it started to hit that same stats-fueled, competitive note, didn’t it? So it only makes sense that NBC brought their MVP numbers analyst Steve Kornacki over to Sunday Night Football on December 6 — frankly, we’re wondering why it hadn’t happened sooner! (He probably had some sleep to catch up on.) Kornacki appeared on the pre-show and during halftime to breakdown the current playoff picture, including what chance teams have of making the playoffs. Kornacki was his same excited, animated, khaki-clad self as he circled percentages on a new board and talked about probability shifts. Hey — we’ll take Kornacki wherever we can get him.

Watch Steve Kornacki Bring His Stressful Energy to the NFL