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Superstore Might Reopen With a Cheyenne and Bo Spinoff

Photo: NBC

Capitalism isn’t coming for Cloud 9’s employees just yet. As Superstore ends its run on NBC with its current sixth season, Deadline is now reporting that a spinoff series, titled Bo & Cheyenne, is in the works at the network. Starring Nichole Sakura and Johnny Pemberton, who play Cheyenne and Bo, respectively, the sitcom will revolve around the hardworking hot-trash couple as they “balance their big dreams with the harsh realities of being a blue-collar family in America.” Their young child, Harmonica (yeah, we know), will presumably be around for all of their antics, although it’s unclear if other Superstore characters will grace the spinoff with their nylon-vested presence. (Cheyenne has been a Superstore lead since the pilot, while Bo has only popped up sporadically over the six seasons.) Either way, please don’t forget to bring your own nitrous!

Superstore Might Reopen With Cheyenne and Bo Spinoff