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London Hughes Knows Why Male Comedians Are ‘Treated Like Gods’

If you’re unfamiliar with London Hughes, that’s about to change. The British comedian has three Netflix roles in the works in December and January, including a co-hosting gig on The Netflix Afterparty alongside David Spade and Fortune Feimster, appearances on History of Swear Words starring Nicolas Cage, and her hour-long Netflix stand-up-special debut, which premieres later this month. Titled To Catch a D*ck, the special, produced by Kevin Hart and directed by Kristian Mercado (Sam Jay’s 3 in the Morning), centers on the comedian exploring a concept that is a true mystery to her: “why the world is full of desirable, brilliant but single women — who definitely don’t need a man but wouldn’t mind the option.”

As the trailer reveals, this mystery also extends to Hughes’s thoughts on the comedy world itself. “Male comics get treated like gods. You don’t have to be good-looking, you don’t even have to have money, but women will fuck you if you’re funny,” she says, pointing out that it’s not at all like that for her: “My dating history looks like a Who’s Who of Uber drivers.” Hughes originally performed To Catch a D*ck at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where she was the first Black woman to receive a nomination for Best Show. The taped Netflix version makes its debut on Tuesday, December 22.

London Hughes Knows Why Male Comics Are ‘Treated Like Gods’