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Troye Sivan and Kacey Musgraves Make It ‘Easy’ to Love Their New Music Video

As if we weren’t already missing the stench of a dive bar, Troye Sivan and Kacey Musgraves give us a trashy-chic music video for “Easy” featuring Mark Ronson. The fabulous duo hits up Nashville’s underbelly, ending up in a dimly lit bar (musical stylings by the drag queen Jorgeous), outside an adult toy shop, and parked in front of a motel. Before the sun rises, they’re on to the next city. Mullet blowing in the wind, Troye Sivan hangs out of the truck, Perks of Being a Wallflower–style, as the streetlights flash by. If these line dancing shots look familiar, it’s probably because it’s the same director as Troye Sivan’s “Dance to This” video featuring Ariana Grande, Bardia Zeinali. The original version of “Easy” is from Troye Sivan’s latest EP, In a Dream. Kacey Musgraves co-wrote the new one, which also adds Mark Ronson’s disco-pop heartbeat. This time last year, Kacey Musgraves and Troye Sivan gave us “Glittery,” a holiday song from The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show. This year, they gave us a quarantine carol we can dance to. Admire Troye Sivan’s unique ability to pull off any hair style and color in the flashy music video for “Easy” above.

Troye Sivan and Kacey Musgraves Drop ‘Easy’ Video