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Anthony Ramos Gives Twitter the Gift of His Self Tape for Cats

Photo: Getty Images

Imagine, for a moment, a world in which Broadway star Anthony Ramos starred in Cats as Rum Tum Tugger instead of Jason Derulo. We would never have heard Derulo’s thoughts on CGI genitalia, or seen his method acting on The Kelly Clarkson Show. What we would have gotten, as a newly released audition tape from Ramos shows us, is an actually enjoyable rendition of “The Rum Tum Tugger.” Ramos tweeted out his audition for Cats on Tuesday afternoon, setting Theater Twitter ablaze with dreams of what could have been. Ramos, who accomplishes more in 49 seconds than Cats did in its nearly two-hour runtime, didn’t comment on the situation beyond the simple caption, “This was my audition for CATS the movie.” But now we all know, for better or worse, that there is a kinder universe in which Anthony Ramos starred in the Cats movie, in addition to the other, even kinder universe, in which Cats didn’t happen at all.

Anthony Ramos Gives Us the Gift of His Self Tape for Cats