Drew Barrymore’s Alter Ego Is Comedy-Club Owner Mitzi Bananamore

Esteemed, Quarry-winning daytime program The Drew Barrymore Show continues to innovate in the syndicated talk-show space. On December 16, the show introduced its latest segment, a Zoom-based comedy-club concept called Bananamore’s, hosted by a Barrymore original character named Mitzi Bananamore. If a Mitzi Shore homage is the last thing you were expecting from The Drew Barrymore Show, you don’t know Drew. The I’m Dying Up Here aesthetic fits perfectly into the Barrymore Show’s existing 1970s motif, and it lets Barrymore break out a top-shelf goofy character. In true Drew Barrymore Show fashion, Mitzi Bananamore is equal parts accessibly, comedically broad and bizarrely specific. And because this is daytime TV, Bananamore’s has a rule of “keep it semi-clean. Try to stay away from politics and drugs,” which differentiates it from some raunchier Zoom comedy offerings. So far, Bananamore’s has booked Caleb Hearon, Zainab Johnson, and Judy Gold, and Hearon’s set in particular manages to sneak a very good, PG-13 double entendre to the stage. We’d like to know who’s doing the booking over at Bananamore’s because they’re on to something.

Drew Barrymore Is Comedy-Club Owner Mitzi Bananamore, Now