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Guy Branum Found the Magic of Hanukkah and Shared It With Bananamore’s

Drew Barrymore’s alter ego Mitzi Bananamore’s virtual comedy club “Bananamore’s” is back and more bananas than ever before, baby! For her latest slate of comedians making daytime stand-up appearances on The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore welcomed Anna Seregina, Sarah Colonna, and My Life As a Goddess author Guy Branum. Branum’s three-minute set, with all due respect to Adam Sandler, is one of the better comedy bits we’ve ever seen done about Hanukkah. Hanukkah, or as Branum calls it, “the domestic partnership of holidays,” is more of a “lighting fixture” than a top-tier celebration, save for the latkes. Branum’s main target is dreidel, which isn’t actually fun except for his cousin’s son, because, “for a 3-year-old, dreidel is operating at the height of all of your skills. You’re having to operate a small object, recognize four letters in a foreign alphabet, and have to count, at times, up to seven.” He recounts a game of dreidel through his not-quite-a-nephew’s eyes with such animation and verve that it could be adapted into a Rankin Bass special. All of which is to say: Drew Barrymore Show, you’ve branched out into comedy. You’ve covered ornithology … more than once. “Guy Branum Yells About Dreidels” has recurring seasonal segment potential.

Guy Branum’s Bananamore’s Comedy Set Is Pure Hanukkah Magic