shush daddy!

Jamie Dornan’s Children Hate His Singing More Than You Hate Anything

After unleashing his musical stylings upon the world with a part in the Quarry-winning “Imagine” video, Jamie Dornan decided to follow up with a Christmas Eve serenade of “White Christmas.” Posted to Instagram in black and white, Dornan tries to get through the song, but his daughters are the most savage peanut gallery since Statler and Waldorf, and when he unleashes his baritone they repeatedly scream “shush, Daddy! Shush, Daddy! SHUSH, DADDY!!!! DADDY SHUSH!!!!” from offscreen. Dornan soldiers through, even though by the time he gets to the “children listen” lyric, one of the kids is just incoherently shrieking. Maybe this is the real reason why he filmed his “Imagine” verse in the toilet. Dornan captioned the post, “Kids absolutely Loving it.” You would think the caption’s ironic, but actually, those screams of “shush, Daddy!” are rave reviews compared to what many of Dornan’s countrymen thought of Wild Mountain Thyme.

Jamie Dornan’s Follow-Up to the ‘Imagine’ Video Is Hilarious